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Message from the Guild Mistress

Message from the Guild Mistress published on No Comments on Message from the Guild Mistress

Greetings, my clever and talented West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild members!

When I became your Guild Mistress, it was with great joy and delight. I’ve always loved needlework, the making of it, the way it sparkles and feels, how it transforms a simple garment into pure jewelry – all the time connecting us to our predecessors, their art and their work.

Several Beltanes have gone by since I took on that joy, and I told myself I would keep on as Guild Mistress until I found someone with the administrative skills and appreciation for the art to carry on and support the guild I’ve come to love.

Today, I found that person.

I would like to announce that the talented Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke will be accepting the mantle of Guild Mistress for the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild after June Crown.

With your welcome and support, she is sure to usher in great things in the coming years!

Thank you for your support, gentle affection and tremendous needleworking these last years. Your giving hearts were noticed and appreciated! Ascelin and I will share more details with the Guild as the transition nears.

Huzzah Ascelin! Huzzah!!

Heidi von der Bergen, Guildmistress

Catalan Banner, embroidered, 1095-1122, signed by a woman. Originating from the Cathedral of La Seu d’Urgell.

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