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Solar at An Tir West War XXXVI

Solar at An Tir West War XXXVI published on No Comments on Solar at An Tir West War XXXVI

Hello my Fierce, Stabby Friends. There is plenty to do at the upcoming war. Here’s a link to classes and schedule:

There is a solar Fri, Sat & Sun after classes in the A&S pavilion. I’d like to meet and hang out, but I don’t want to undermine the teachers or A&S officers. Plus there seem to be a lot of scheduled activities for courts and after court. I’m winging this, so my suggestion is that we could have a coffee date at the A&S pavilion (wherever that turns out to be) on Saturday at 9 am. We might end up standing around in a fire lane, but it would be great chance to meet in person and connect and hopefully by Saturday we’ll know where the A&S pavilion is. Other suggestions welcome. I’m going up Thursday morning and leaving Tuesday.

The reason I’m not suggesting my camp for a formal get together is that I’m a guest in my camp and I do not want to wear out my welcome before I even show up. That said, I’m not going home until Tuesday and it looks like the main event winds down on Sunday and a lot of people are pulling out on Monday. I will check with my camp masters and see about hosting an afternoon of art and chatting on Monday for those of you who are not departing. I should know by our coffee date.

Happy Stitching.

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