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Scissors Cases Project

Scissors Cases Project published on No Comments on Scissors Cases Project

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Scissors Cases Project

Completed 12th Night 2009

From this point on, the Royalty will be exchanging gift baskets at Pennsic with only one other Kingdom (which will be chosen in a yearly drawing), eliminating the need for multiple gifts for the baskets. However, there are other Inter-Kingdom events where the Royalty also exchange gifts, so the Service Project for 2009 was scissors cases for Estrella. Since we didn’t know for sure how many kingdoms would be at Estrella, we did not require a particular design (i.e. Queen’s Rose) or color scheme to be used. We did encourage the use of silver in the project in some way (buttons or thread or beads or fabric), in commemoration of Estrella’s 25th “silver” anniversary.

We wound up with a wide variety of stitch styles & techniques for the scissors cases.

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