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Royal Gift Chests Projects

Royal Gift Chests Projects published on No Comments on Royal Gift Chests Projects

If you are interested in getting involved in a project please click the Mentors & Ministers above for contact information.

Continuing Projects

Royal Gift Chests Projects

Besides our other Guild projects, there are more opportunities to be of service to the Kingdom of the West and to its Principalities, which are always in need of items for Their Majesties and Their Highnesses to give as thanks to people, as well as to show off the talents of the Kingdom. Gift Chest projects are a great opportunity to try out new techniques on small pieces; personal projects are also welcomed.

For items that you wish to donate to the Cynagua Principality Gift Chest, contact the Guild Minister. items that you wish to donate to the West Kingdom or the Mists Royals may be given to the Royalty directly. We hope you will give often and generously of your talents.

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