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Rose Pouches for our Queens Project

Rose Pouches for our Queens Project published on No Comments on Rose Pouches for our Queens Project

June C 2018 due – Heidi Woordhuis
Oct C 2018 due – Haley Rogers Zerr
March C 2019 due – Deirdre McGaffey Schwein
June C 2019 due – Kathryn Randall
Oct C 2019 due – Monie A. Bryan

“Extra” pouches – target date 12th Night 2019 – Judy Pearce, Liz de Belcaire, Shannon McSmith

This project is to provide a pouch for each Queen who reigns on her stepdown. The guidelines are in a .pdf here or in the file section of the Facebook page. They are treasured by those who receive them and well used. The Queen is told who the maker is when the pouch is delivered in private to the Queen.

If you are interested in participating in this project or have any questions, please let me know. Thank-you!

Sabrina de la Bere

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