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Rose Pouch for Our Western Queens – 2009

Rose Pouch for Our Western Queens – 2009 published on No Comments on Rose Pouch for Our Western Queens – 2009

For several years now we have been presenting each out going Queen with a Rose Pouch in our Kingdom’s colors (red rose, green leaves, gold center/seeded, on a gold background) at Beltane, Purgatorio, and 12th Night.

Rose Pouch for Our Western Queens – 2009
Queen Kára Báreksdóttir
Needleworker: Katherine de Langelei

Kara’s Rose Pouch. This was a challenge; the Rose Pouch project has specific parameters applied to each pouch, but I wanted to make this a accurate to her period as possible (not an easy taste to take a Tudor rose back over 500 years!). I also wanted to make a pouch that would be uniquely for this person… I worked for weeks on the design, taking the Urns style of swirling rose vines to go with the Tudor Rose, added her black stag from her registered arms then finally included little rose buds facing into her Rose to represent the children she works with in the real world. The materials and method was also chosen for her Norse personna. The bag is wool. The applied stag and roses are felted wool cashmere, the vines are silk twill. The applique is edged in rows of tightly packed stem stitch in silk. I really liked this one.

The goal of this project was to make a pouch that would be unique to the receiptiant and would NOT be quietly tucked into a drawer never to be seen again… So I choose to make up the pouch in the form that seems to be the most period and still functional for the receiptiant. the bag is lined for strength, and the front and back panels were joined together by a woven band of hemp that should be able to take a beating… the length of the strap was as requested by the recieptiant.
Queen Kara:

Comment by Kára Báreksdóttir on September 21, 2009 at 10:34am
This is one of my favorite gifts I got while reigning. I love it so much and I use it all the time! And I’m constantly bragging about your work to others too – pointing out the child faces and everything 😉 Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!

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