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1. Other SCA Needlework Guilds

Visit our “sister” guilds throughout the Known World!

  • An Tir:

An Tir Embroiderers and Embellishers Guild (groups only)

  • The East:
  • Artemesia
Royal Needlework Guild of Artemesia (link broken)
  • The Gilded Pearl:
The Gilded Pearl oriented to the study of the Renaissance Period (c.1450-1650), based in the East Kingdom.
  • Atlantia:
  • Lochac:
  • Caid:
Caid School of Needlework
(mailing list only).
  • Meridies:
  • Calontir:
  • Middle:
Middle Kingdom Textile Artisan Guild
Guild of Withie and Woolmongers
  • Drachenwald:

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2. Historical Information on Stitches

Many of the stitch techniques below have links to sites which describe how to do the stitch, have information on the historical techniques, images of actual historical textiles or patterns, and/or historically inspired patterns or pieces.

1. Counted Thread
(a.) cross stitch
(b.) Assisi work
(c.) counted-thread blackwork
(d.) pattern darning
(e.) other
4. Metal Thread
(a.) surface couching
(b.) or nué
(c.) bullion work
(d.) underside couching
2. Canvas Work (“needlepoint”)
(a.) tent stitch
(b.) cross stitch on canvas
(c.) brick stitch
(d.) upright (Gobelin) stitch
(e.) satin stitch
5. Surface Embroidery
(a.) basic stitchery
(b.) laid work
(c.) beadwork
(d.) split stitch (including shading)
(e.) raised work
3. Whitework
(a.) drawn thread
(b.) pulled thread
(c.) cutwork
(d.) Buratto work
(e.) Reticella or Italian cutwork
6. Stitched Fabric
(a.) quilting
(b.) trapunto
(c.) smocking
(d.) appliqué


3. Historical Needlework Design Source Books On-line

Books or portions of books now on-line which would have been used to draw inspiration for historical needlework.



4. Historical Use of Needlework, Tapestries & Portraits



5. Commercial Sources of Supplies and Patterns

These are presented in alphabetical order.

SCA = focus on SCA-period historical needlework & supplies
WK = located in the West Kingdom

  • Benton & Johnson
    Located in the UK. Excellent source for metal threads. Contact them
    via email to inquire about overseas shipments.
  • Berlin Embroidery
    Located in Canada. Another excellent source for metal threads, with photos of all types.
  • Clotilde
    Mostly modern sewing notions many useful for needlework.
  • Hedgehog Handworks (SCA)
    Needlework supplies, oriented to SCA members and historical costumers from many times.
  • Lacis (WK)
    Supplier of books, tools, and threads for a wide number of needlearts and handcrafts. Worth a visit when you’re in the SF Bay Area.

2982 Adeline St.
Berkeley CA 94703
Hours: Mon-Fri 1 PM – 5:30 PM / Sat 11 AM – 5:30 PM
phone: 510-843-7290

15750 Vineyard Boulevard, Suite 170
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Toll Free: 1.877.776.4476
Local: 1.408.776.6857
Store Hours: 10am to 5pm, 7 Days a Week

1533 Webster Street
Alameda, CA 94501
Hours: Tue-Sat 10:30-5:30 / Thur 10:30-7:30 / Sun 12 – 5 / Mon by
appointment only
Toll-free: 877-HAYSTACK / 510.522.0404 / Fax: 510.522.3692


The West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild does not endorse any of the sites listed here, nor do we have any financial connection with any of the shops. These listings are for information only.

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