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Queen’s Pennsic Pouches 2001-2002

Queen’s Pennsic Pouches 2001-2002 published on No Comments on Queen’s Pennsic Pouches 2001-2002

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Queen’s Pennsic Pouches Project 2001-2002

Coordinated by Mistress Isela di Bari OP OL — this was a special project for the Queen’s Gift Chest that was begun in 2001.
Each pouch displays the “Royal Rose” of that Kingdom and has been embroidered with much care, skill and artistry.

The Guild started with a request for 16 pouches to be needleworked and presented to Their Majesties of the Kingdom of the West in 2001. Each pouch represented one of the 16 kingdoms in the SCA. Their Majesties were able to present these pouches to each of the respective Queens in those kingdoms when they ventured to Pennsic in 2001 and again in 2002.

Needless to say, we received offers from more than 20 needleworkers to create a pouch. With only 16 kingdoms, the guild decided to double up on some of the kingdoms so that they could be saved for Pennsic 2002 and showcase even more of our needleworkers. The rose design was available in both a charted and non-charted form and all needleworkers used the embroidery technique of their choice.

All of pouches have been completed. Each is done in different techniques, but is definitely well stitched. We hope that you enjoy seeing the work of your fellow needleworkers and find them inspirational for your own work. [ Note: if you were one of the needleworkers on this project & have details on your technique and/or materials, please contact the Web Minister.]

A big thank you to the following needleworkers who have completed a Rose Pouch for the Guild’s service project.

Astrithr Kjartansdottir – Meridies
Brid Hedgwiht – Artemesia, Calontir, West
Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor – East
Eliska z Jihlava – Caid
Ellen of the Western Wind – Ealdoremere
Elspeth Semstress of Dunkeld – Caid
Illora of the West Lea – Artemesia
Isela di Bari – Middle
Iulitta Rowan of Arran – East
John Paul Blacklore – Middle
Judith of Stormholde – Aethelmearc
Keridwen the Mouse – Anesteorra
Madilayn de Mer – Lochac
Octavia Jenon de Treves – Drachenwald
Sabrina Goldbender – Trimaris
Sara of Foxhaven – Atenveldt, West
Sorcha O’Ciardhubriain – Artemesia
Stephanie Rose – An Tir
Theiadora Groves – Calontir, East
Willow MacKay – Ealdoremere

To accompany each of the Rose Pouches to this year’s Pennsic Tourney, Judith of Stormholde and Octavia Jenon de Treves contributed wonderfully tatted and embroidered bookmarks. Most creative!

There are additional pictures of these and other pouches in the Photos section on the site of the Yahoo Group. All photographs copyright the photographer.

Judith of Stormhold
Kingdom: Aethelmaerc
Technique: cross-stitch
Materials: white, black, and green cotton floss on red non-even weave linen
Stephanie Rose
Kingdom: An Tir
Technique: cross-stitch
Keridwen the Mouse
Kingdom: Anesteorra
Technique: applique, laid & couched work
Brid Hedgwiht
Kingdom: Artemesia
Illora of the Western Lea
Kingdom: Artemesia
Technique: long & short stitch, fishbone stitch, and underside couching
Materials: green and various shades of red silk thread, gold metal thread, white textured fabric
Sorcha O’Ciardhubrinain
Kingdom: Artemesia
Technique: cross-stitch
Sara of Foxhaven
Kingdom: Atenveldt
Technique: applique, beadwork
Eliska z Jihlava
Kingdom: Caid
Technique: laid and couched work with stem and chain stitches
Materials: golden yellow colored cotton floss on dark blue damask
Elspeth Semstress of Dunkeld
Kingdom: Caid
Technique: applique
Brid Hecgwiht
Kingdom: Calontir
Technique: laid and couched work, split stitch, applique
Materials: silver thread, white and purple cotton floss, glass beads, white cloth on purple raw silk
Theiadora Groves
Kingdom: Calontir
Technique: whitework
Octavia Jenon de Treves
Kingdom: Drachenwald
Technique: long & short stitch, fishbone stitch, and underside couching
Materials: green and various shades of red silk thread, gold metal thread, white fabric
Ellen of the Western Wind
Kingdom: Ealdoremere
Willow MacKay
Kingdom: Ealdoremere
Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor
Kingdom: East
Technique: laid couched work, French knots
Materials: green and gold-colored silk thread, gold metal thread, dark blue fabric
Iulitta Rowan of Arran
Kingdom: East
Technique: laid couched work, French knots
Theiadora Groves
Kingdom: East
Technique: laid couched work, beading
Madilayn de Mer
Kingdom: Lochac
Astrithr Kjartansdottir
Kingdom: Meridies
Technique: laid & couched work, long & short stitch, shaded satin stitch, single strand stem stitch, and chain stitch.
Materials: variegated green, white, and beige cotton thread, black damask fabric
John Paul Blacklore
Kingdom: Middle
Isela di Bari
Kingdom: Middle
Sabrina Goldbender
Kingdom: Trimaris
Technique: laid & couched work
Brid Hedgwiht
Kingdom: West
Sara of Foxhaven
Kingdom: West
Technique: Shaded satin stitch for the petals in three colors of cotton floss. The petals were then outlined in stem stitch in the third red. Also satin stitched leaves in 2 contrasting greens. Using shading on the leaves and petals achieved a dimensional effect. The center of the rose was done in French knots of deep golden yellow floss to add texture to the piece. The background fabric is a golden-yellow textured jaquard weave.
Materials: red, green, and yellow cotton floss on gold-colored textured damask

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