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Online This-is-Not-Crown Salon! 2017

Online This-is-Not-Crown Salon! 2017 published on No Comments on Online This-is-Not-Crown Salon! 2017

Hello my fellow Needleworkers.
Welcome to our Online This-is-Not-Crown Salon! Please take a moment to ply your needle while information on needleworking goings-on is shared!

The ever-lovely Sabrina (Robin Berry) has Rose Pouches well in hand. The March Rose Pouch is being created by Kim Gallagher with Heidi Woordhuis beginning on the next. Interested in what it takes to make a Rose Pouch? Visit the Files section on our WKNG page and read all about it, then get in touch with Sabrina. She is very responsive to Rose Pouch information requests.

A request has come in from Regalia for new royal napkins to replace the old, worn out pair. Liz de Belcaire has taken on that project with Guild thanks.

The Napkin project needs Needleworkers!! If you can embroider, please get in touch with Liz de Belcaire as soon as possible. The last Royals received their napkins, but incoming Royals are lacking an artist to create their napkins. Napkins are provided as well as guidance if you wish. Kindly get in touch with Liz for more information.
Do you have an artistic flair as well as the ability to organize (or even write down a list and not lose it?) The Royal Napkins need an organizer sooner than we hoped. Liz is happily (for her. We’re a little peeved by the thought) moving north, out of the West (soon, but not quite yet) and seeks someone to take over organizing the Napkin artistry. If you Know People, this would be a terrific low-stress volunteer position to take on. Please step forward, talk to Liz and accept our admiration!

Lastly, we have distressing news to report. Vashti (ElizaBeth Gilligan) has lain her needles down and succumbed to cancer in mid-October. Vashti was a talented author, enthusiastic needleworker, lover of life and gentlewoman with a huge heart who was always willing to help anyone. She leaves the world a much poorer place for her absence. We shall all miss not just her art, but also her great heart, tremendously. Peace is yours now, Vashti.

Thus concludes our online Salon. May your needles fly true until we meet again.

Heidi – Minister

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