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Old News: 2010 and earlier

Old News: 2010 and earlier published on No Comments on Old News: 2010 and earlier

Compilation of News items from June 2010 and earlier

June Crown 2010

The Pennsic Royal Cloaks were presented to their Majesties. They are wonderful. We will have a special page up soon to display the wonderful work done by the guild members. A special thank you to Felicia who coordinated the massive project. Photos of the work are Here.

The guild had a display of members work as well.

October Crown 2009

We have a new Guild Minister, Lady Katherine de Langelei , voted in unanimously at October Crown this past weekend.

She will be a wonderful leader for all of us, she is full of enthusiasm, and ideas. I know that all of us will give her our
support and help in what ever she needs.

Katherine was also recognized for her past service she has already given to the Guild over many years and now
has her name inscribed in the Guilds illuminated book..There is a holding place on the Service Banner (stitched in blackwork by Felicia) until
Katherine’s arms have passed at which time her arms will be embroidered and added to the banner.
Needle Book Project – 2009

The Service Project for 2009 will be needlebook cases for Estrella War. We are looking for volunteers to donate a case. Please contact the Guild Minister is you want to contribute. The cases are due to the Minster 12th Night 2010. The cases can be stitched in any material or stitch you wish.
Scissors Cases Project-2008

As some of you know, as of last year the Royalty will only be exchanging gift baskets at Pennsic with one other Kingdom, which will be chosen in a yearly drawing. However, there are other Inter-Kingdom events where the Royalty also exchange gifts, so the Service Project for 2008 will be scissors cases for Estrella. We will need a total of 19 scissors cases made for this project. Since we don’t know for sure how many kingdoms will be at Estrella next year, we will not require a particular design (i.e. Queen’s Rose) or color scheme to be used. We would like to encourage you to use silver in your project in some way (buttons or thread or beads or fabric), in commemoration of next year being Estrella’s 25th “silver” anniversary.

So, how you want to stitch this project is totally up to you. You can do counted work, surface embroidery, metal thread, canvas work, etc – your choice of design is fairly open, basically any stitch or style as long as it is period. More detailed instructions for the scissors cases can be found here or in the Files section of the Guild’s Yahoo Group. If you would like to see some examples of completed scissor cases, you can look at some that were made by some of our members for the Scissors Case Exchange back in October 2007. The deadline for completion of the scissors cases is 12th Night 2009.
June Crown 2008 — Kingdom Silent Auction

As the Guild continues to serve our kingdom, we collaborated to help raise funds to procure a 52+ ft trailer which will be kept on the Pennsic site to store all of West Kingdom’s Pennsic regalia. The Kingdom has offered to pay the yearly storage fee if enough funds can be raised by the populace to purchase the trailer. The coordinator for this fundraising effort, Viscountess Ysabella Dolfin, hosted a fundraising auction at June Crown of 2008.

To assist in this fundraising effort, the Guild’s 2008 service project was to have volunteers make selected items to be donated to this auction. The materials, embroidery techniques, choice of design, size and length were left to each needleworker. Some projects included sets of napkins, a haversack, a set of buttons, and a tablecloth; these items can be viewed here. The items donated were fantastic and there was a steady stream of bidders, despite the heat. Thanks to the long list of hugely talented needleworkers (below) who contributed items for the auction, a total of $861.00 was raised!

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