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October Crown, 2022

October Crown, 2022 published on 1 Comment on October Crown, 2022

Hello my Fierce Stabby Friends,

Summary: Planned activities and looking for teacher


I was going to teach a class on mounting embroidery at Oct Crown, but the tendonitis in my left hand has hit critical and I’m in too much pain to teach this class. (Surgery is scheduled for October 5). Is anyone interested in teaching? If we don’t get a teaching volunteer, I was thinking we could do a round-table of “lessons learned” and share our knowledge. For example, that pen that says the ink washes out? Test it first. I didn’t and there were tears and cursing. I would love to collect everyone’s advice and post it here. (Even if we’ve done it before)

I am still camping and putting up the sunshade. You are welcome to come and do art all day in the shade.

  • I would like to host a meet & greet. We could maybe do this at 1pm.
  • I would love people to bring their WIP.
  • I’m bringing donations that have been provided; we can equip anyone who is new to embroidery as well as those who are looking for inspiration
  • Suggestions welcome

Ascelin, Guild Mistress

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