The Guild Thanks Mistress Sabrina de le Bere, OP, OL

Today we thank Mistress Sabrina de le Bere, OP, OL, for her decades of service to the West Kingdom Needleworker’s Guild. Her time of service reaches into the previous century as Guild Minister, mentor, teacher and administrator of the Rose Pouch Program. She has worked tirelessly to promote needle arts in the West Kingdom. She passes us the torch of carrying the Rose Pouches forward as she steps back to a well-earned rest. I hope she won’t rest too long and that she will be available to mentor and teach once she’s rested.

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We’ll announce who’s picking up the torch later this week. I want to hold some space in this post to thank Sabrina for her unflagging support.

Guild Minister Ascelin

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rose Pouches to be Presented in Court

I am informing you of a change I’ve made after consulting with the Kingdom Seneschal, Royalty, Embroidery laurels, Ladies of the Rose (these are former queens to those who are new to our group), and active members of the guild who don’t hold peerages but who are engaged in supporting the guild and teaching.

Starting with Beltane last weekend and moving forward, the Rose Pouch will be presented during the Rose Ceremony. Just as it’s done in the Principality courts and similar to how the Rose Scroll is presented by the scribes, it will be shown to the populace with acknowledgment to the artisan and presented by myself or a Lady of the Rose to the new member of the Order.

Rose Pouches for the Queen Project

Stitched by Katherine de Langelei for HRM Sof’ia

Good morning, my friends. Here’s a picture of the Rose Pouch that was done by Mistress Kathryn de Langlei, one of our former guild ministers. If you wonder about how big the silk stitches were in SCA period, Kathryn can show you. Magnifique!

Guild Minister Ascelin

Rose Pouches for Our Queens Project

A dark rose gold bag with a braided string handle and green tassels in the lower corners on a white table. The bag has a red rose surrounded by rose hips on short stems embroidered into the center.
Rose Pouch for Her Grace Jitka embroidered by Khalidah

This last weekend, the West Kingdom Needleworkers presented Her Grace Jitka with not 1 but 2 Rose Pouches. Her prior pouch went walk about prior to her receipt. The light gold one was made by new to our group, Petra/Cheryl Mellor. The dark gold was made by Khalidah/ Dominique Griffard. Her Grace promptly adopted both and used them the rest of the weekend. Thank you to Petra and Khalidah for their beautiful and useful work.

The Rose Pouch project officially started in 2003 and has delivered 3 pouches every year since (except during Covid). The Queens of the West prize their pouches and the artistry is breathtaking.

Sabrina de la Bere

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Rose Pouches for our Queens Project

Rose pouch created, embroidered, and band woven by Lux

This weekend HRM Ciar was presented her Rose Pouch. The pouch was created, embroidered, and band woven by Lux.

The Rose Pouch for Our Queen started in 2003 and has continuously presented pouches since. I have one left and then we will need more artisans to step up to make them. Each and every one has been well appreciated by the recipient and become a treasured possession. If you are interested in learning more – visit the files section for the requirements for creating this bit of art, or message me. Thank you to the past and future embroiderers.

Sabrina de la Bere

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Beltane Guild Meeting, 2023

Good morning my friends who are gentle of heart and fierce in art! Beltane is almost upon us and we have something special for you. With the help of Aldith and Cristeane, we are hosting some activities inspired by spring, love and favors on Saturday. Schedule is dependent on the Coronation Schedule, so it’s a little swishy. 30 minutes after the first court of Hans and Ciar:

  1. Learn about the history of favors. Bring your own favors to share. Discuss the considerations of making favors for on and off the battle field. This will be lead by Shannon McSmith as a cross between teaching and round-table.
  2. Consult with Aldith on designing and embroidering a favor (or favor-sized slip). She is bringing decades of design and execution experience in art/illumination and embroidery to help you design and plan a project. This is an amazing opportunity.
  3. Work with Cristeane, Aldith and myself to learn the techniques you need for your project. Supplies have been donated to the Guild by members and these will be provided to you for a “palm sized” embroidery project. Techniques available: All of them. Seriously. Early period, middle period, late period. Stitches for silk, for wool, for metal. Counted work and non-counted work. This covers historical embroidery as follows: Anglo Saxon embroidery, Opus Anglicanum, Or Nue, Crewel, “Bayeaux”, Black work, pulled work, drawn work, Elizabethan stitches, Italian hem stitches, Italian counted work, applique. Between the three of us, we have 100 years of embroidery experience and over 10,000 hours of embroidery expertise.

If you want to hang out and stitch without consulting, bring your project and join us.

Image from the Codex Manesse, of Herzog Heinrich von Breslau depicted as a poet of love songs. There are multiple people on horses and on foot all looking up at Heinrich who is being handed a crown of flowers from one of four women in a viewing box above. Heinrich is identified by his Arms (a black eagle with a silver crescent moon on top of it, all on a gold shield) shown both on the shield he is holding, and covering the barding his horse is wearing.
Image from the Codex Manesse, begun about 1304, a German Manuscript of Songs
Filio 11v: Herzog Heinrich von Breslau (Henry IV, Henryk IV Probus 1258–1290) depicted as a minnesinger.

Your Guildmistress, Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke

October Crown, 2022

Hello my Fierce Stabby Friends,

Summary: Planned activities and looking for teacher


I was going to teach a class on mounting embroidery at Oct Crown, but the tendonitis in my left hand has hit critical and I’m in too much pain to teach this class. (Surgery is scheduled for October 5). Is anyone interested in teaching? If we don’t get a teaching volunteer, I was thinking we could do a round-table of “lessons learned” and share our knowledge. For example, that pen that says the ink washes out? Test it first. I didn’t and there were tears and cursing. I would love to collect everyone’s advice and post it here. (Even if we’ve done it before)

I am still camping and putting up the sunshade. You are welcome to come and do art all day in the shade.

  • I would like to host a meet & greet. We could maybe do this at 1pm.
  • I would love people to bring their WIP.
  • I’m bringing donations that have been provided; we can equip anyone who is new to embroidery as well as those who are looking for inspiration
  • Suggestions welcome

Ascelin, Guild Mistress

12th Night Artisans Display 2023

An opportunity to share and network!

2023 Twelfth Night Artisan Display

We welcome all non-laurels artisans who would like to present their artistry along with their documentation, (if you have it) to join us. We encourage all Laurels to visit the presenters’ displays and talk with the artisans about their work; and perhaps leave a token of appreciation. We hope that the populace will also attend, to see the work of this Kingdom’s up and coming artisans.

Artisans will be expected to sit with their displays. This is a perfect time to have your art seen by so many more than you would any other time. The prime opportunity to learn and grow your art. From here you have all year to pick, choose, create or borrow back the best of your best and really plan to make your display shine!!

Artisans – please let know of your planned attendance by sending your SCA name, Mundane name and general field of display, by December 1, 2022, to Micheila MacCallum (Kim Gallagher via Facebook) or email.

Depending on the number of attendees we expect to have ½ table per participant. If you need more, please let me know and as space allows I will do my best to make it happen. More details in the upcoming months.

Questions should be addressed to: Mistress Micheila MacCallum

** A notebook to take notes with, water, snacks, and headache meds. This is a wonderful time to grow your art. The Laurels coming through as well as others are going to have information for you. They will help you make connections. You don’t want to miss anything.

Solar at An Tir West War XXXVI

Hello my Fierce, Stabby Friends. There is plenty to do at the upcoming war. Here’s a link to classes and schedule:

There is a solar Fri, Sat & Sun after classes in the A&S pavilion. I’d like to meet and hang out, but I don’t want to undermine the teachers or A&S officers. Plus there seem to be a lot of scheduled activities for courts and after court. I’m winging this, so my suggestion is that we could have a coffee date at the A&S pavilion (wherever that turns out to be) on Saturday at 9 am. We might end up standing around in a fire lane, but it would be great chance to meet in person and connect and hopefully by Saturday we’ll know where the A&S pavilion is. Other suggestions welcome. I’m going up Thursday morning and leaving Tuesday.

The reason I’m not suggesting my camp for a formal get together is that I’m a guest in my camp and I do not want to wear out my welcome before I even show up. That said, I’m not going home until Tuesday and it looks like the main event winds down on Sunday and a lot of people are pulling out on Monday. I will check with my camp masters and see about hosting an afternoon of art and chatting on Monday for those of you who are not departing. I should know by our coffee date.

Happy Stitching.

Message from the incoming Guild Mistress

Greetings my Fierce, Stabby Friends!

You will see that I tend to post things in waves. I can neither confirm nor deny this is related to work avoidance. Also, I will strive to be less wordy in the future.

I’m looking forward to serving this group after June Crown. I hope you reach out to me with suggestions, feedback, etc because I’m here to create/foster a space for you.

I have to consult the charter for specifics, but I think we can agree our group is focused on doing/teaching needlework with an emphasis on learning about its history. There might even be a blurb about preserving that knowledge for those who follow us. There is much to learn and to explore and it’s a very exciting time because as a result of the pandemic, there’s even MORE available on-line. Many teaching institutions have developed on-line virtual courses, too. This is a small silver lining as a result of a global tragedy.

You should know that I have a sunshade and I’m not afraid to use it. My shade is an art-haven for the curious and I’m very inclusive, not exclusive. In my shade you will find weavers, leather-workers, jewelers, metal smiths, cooks, poets, etc.

I plan to fly the needlework banner as soon as I get it. However, in addition and on the suggestion of one Beltane guest, I’m going to make a sandwich board type of sign that says something like “Art, Discussion & Classes here, Enquire Within.” (Suggestions on wording welcome, volunteers for making sign “welcomer” ha ha ha). This is so that people who are new to the West Kingdom or new to the SCA will have a chance to find us immediately without having to decode banners.

With this in mind:

First, I’m encouraging everyone to come find me at in-Kingdom events to hang out all day (or until you’re bored to tears). Bring a chair, bring projects, bring show-and-tell, bring your wish-list of what you want to do, bring that “thing” that you just figured out, bring your humor and listen to some recitation, etc. Please be prepared to share how you got into the SCA and what keeps you in, etc. It will be fun.

Second, Specific to this Guild, I’m going to set up some Events in the Group Calendar so that we can have some targeted activities at the events and start organizing. Details will be filled in closer to the event, eg, classes, round tables, etc. Right now it serves to let you know that I’ll be there and you will be able to see it updated.

Third, What do you want to do at events as a group? I am certainly willing and happy to teach, but I get tired of my own voice. I would like to see what people want to learn and solicit willing teachers from our pool. I am going to put together a wish list of classes and then get a list of teachers who are available to teach. That will be forthcoming.

Fourth: Help me learn about you! If you got this far in this post, then please post a reply on Facebook with

  1. your SCA name, how long you’ve been playing and where you live.
  2. What you are currently stitching on
  3. In 1 sentence, why do you do needlework?

Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke, Guildmistress