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Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

Monogrammed Handkerchiefs published on No Comments on Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

We have a request for largesse for HRH Ariela, coordinated by the fabulous Ula Paulsen.

We’ve been asked to create monogrammed handkerchiefs that HRH Ariela can have at hand in court, and distribute “in the moment” if someone gets teary.

* A monogram–the letter A in whatever style you like–embroidered at one corner.
* “Filled in” rather than outline embroidery strongly preferred.
* Any additional embroidery or decoration is up to the artist.
* Please NO red. (The connotations of a scarlet letter A aren’t appropriate.)
* Any other color is fine.
* Pre-made handkerchiefs are fine.
* Linen or cotton handkerchiefs are fine.
* Handkerchiefs are likely to get thrown in the washer at some point, so colorfast embroidery thread is encouraged.

Anyone who wants to do a handkerchief but doesn’t have easy access to materials PM me and I’ll help you out.

If enough people want to do these, we could enter 12 into the Dirty Dozen largesse contest at Purgatorio as a Guild entry.

Thanks and happy stitching!
Elizabeth de Belcaire, Minister, WKNG

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