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Kingdom Silent Auction

Kingdom Silent Auction published on No Comments on Kingdom Silent Auction

Previous Projects

June Crown 2008 — Kingdom Silent Auction

As the Guild continues to serve our kingdom, we collaborated to help raise funds to procure a 52+ ft trailer which will be kept on the Pennsic site to store all of West Kingdom’s Pennsic regalia.

The Kingdom has offered to pay the yearly storage fee if enough funds can be raised by the populace to purchase the trailer. The coordinator for this fundraising effort, Viscountess Ysabella Dolfin, hosted a fundraising auction at June Crown of 2008.

To assist in this fundraising effort, the Guild’s 2008 service project was to have volunteers make selected items to be donated to this auction. The materials, embroidery techniques, choice of design, size and length were left to each needleworker. Some projects included sets of napkins, a haversack, a set of buttons, and a tablecloth; these items can be viewed here. The items donated were fantastic and there was a steady stream of bidders, despite the heat. Thanks to the long list of hugely talented needleworkers (below) who contributed items for the auction, a total of $861.00 was raised!

Aelia Apollonia
Annora de Montfort
Brid Hecgwiht
Chiara la Trombottiera
Elizabeth of the Blue Rose
Ellen of the Western Wind
Evaine ni MacGreger
Felicia Amondesham
Jania of Call Duck Manor
Jena Whitehart
Jennifer Davies
Jocelyn of Rowenwood
Katrina the Prude
Michaeila MacCallum
Sorcha Fhionn inghean ui Ruairc
Theiadora Groves
Thyri de Peel

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