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Guild Silent Auction

Guild Silent Auction published on No Comments on Guild Silent Auction

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Twelfth Night 2008 — Guild Silent Auction

The Guild’s Silent Auction was a great success!

The Guild had a prime location by the entryway to the feast hall, and our tables were overflowing with 24 items for auction. The Guild made a total of $600 to fund future guild activities and service projects.

Sets of napkins were embroidered by Aurelia de Montfort, Jania of Call Duck Manor, Catherine Lorraine, myself, and Micheila MacCallum (who did 2 sets).
Bookmarks were embroidered by Vivianne of Cynagua, Morgana yr Oerfa, Evaine ni MacGreger, Adriana Tacita, and Judith of Stormholde (who donated 4 bookmarks!).
A set of 3 trim pieces for 2 cuffs and a collar was embroidered by Aelia Apollonia.
Pouches were created by Lucia Thaylur, Chiara la Trombottiera (who made 2 pouches!), and Caiterina nic Sheamus (who even embroidered a wonderful game board to go inside the pouch).
Needlecases were embroidered by Arabella McHargue, Sorcha Fhionn Inghean ui Ruairc, Thyri de Peel, and Theiadora Groves (who donated 2 needlecases!).

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