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Guild Meeting, October 2015

Guild Meeting, October 2015 published on No Comments on Guild Meeting, October 2015

We had a meeting at October Crown, and here are the minutes:

* As Cynthia Cravens posted below, she’s still looking for fiber arts classes for Collegium. If you’ve got an idea for a class, please propose it soon!

* There will be a Laurels Prize Tourney at 12th Night 2016. I’ll do a separate post with details on the format and specifics. In order to support the Laurels Prize Tourney, all non-Laurel needleworkers are encouraged to display their work. (If we want to, we can even get tables next to each other.) And all Laurels in the Guild are encouraged to come to the Tourney with tokens in hand and interest in heart.

* Golden Beltane Project: The Guild will provide to the Crown a dozen (or more) linen napkins embroidered with the green demi-sun of the West, embellished with gold to celebrate the event. I’ll post separately about this project and ask for sign-ups.

* Golden Beltane Class Track: The Guild will sponsor a track of needlework classes at Golden Beltane. Juliana of Sunsetshire has committed a pavilion we can use for classes and stitch-ins. It can stay set up all week.

I’ll coordinate the class schedule, and communicate with the event autocrats regarding logistics. If you want to teach, PM me or email me with your class idea and any restrictions on when you can teach.

Needleworkers–start thinking about what what classes you want to teach!
And also what you want to learn! No idea is too simple, too complex, or too crazy to consider here.
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* For those of you who like needlework-themed travel, the V&A Museum in London is having a special exhibition of Opus Anglicanum from 3 Sept 2016- 8 Jan 2017. Exhibition – Opus Anglicanum

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