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Guild Meeting, March 2015

Guild Meeting, March 2015 published on No Comments on Guild Meeting, March 2015

We had a meeting at March Crown last weekend. It was a fun, lively group. Thank you to all who attended–especially the new folks!

Here are the minutes and announcements:

* The Guild will be providing a needlework track for the A&S Tournament at the beginning of June. Lynnet (whose name I’ve probably misspelled), Julianna, Isela, and I will have classes in the track. Sabrina is teaching needle lace. If you’ve volunteered and I missed you, or you want to volunteer to teach an embroidery class, let me know.

* Sabrina is looking for volunteers to make Queen’s Rose pouches that will be due in 2017. Contact her directly to volunteer.

* Liz Hamill (that’s me) is looking for volunteers to make Mists Princess Rose pouches due in 2015 and 2016. Contact me directly to volunteer.

* The Guild has agreed to start doing Pennsic pouches again. Deirdre McGaffey Schwein has volunteered to make this year’s.

* We discussed the creation of a Mists Needleworkers Guild. Some of that discussion happened after the meeting. I’ll update y’all as events warrant.

PM me if I’ve missed anything, or there’s anything you want to volunteer for or chat with me about.

Happy stitching!
Elizabeth de Belcaire, Minister WKNG

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