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Guild Meeting – June Crown & Beltane, 2017

Guild Meeting – June Crown & Beltane, 2017 published on No Comments on Guild Meeting – June Crown & Beltane, 2017

Holy Needles and Gilt!
Where does the time fly!?!

So much has happened since the last Guild Update. Salon at June Crown was FABULOUS!! 10 people came to create and discuss, including a Gentle new to the Needle Arts who had a semi-private consult with a Guild Mentor! There was laughter and stitching and news about Napkins, Rose Pouches and how cross stitch isn’t period, but there’s an analogue that’s really quite similar. The West Kingdom Newcomers Tour passed by and stopped to learn about the WKNG. Our praises were sung to the heavens!! We are, indeed, a wonderful assemblage of artists! Many Thanks to the Westermark Pavilion for hosting Salon on the List Field!

Then, Salon at Beltane!! We proved that the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild can stitch their way right through the gates of fiery purgatory!! With temperatures over 105, Salon sought refuge in the shady arms of Alys and Balin’s pavilion on the List Field. Plied with cool water and wonderful conversation, we created goldwork and blackwork while watching fighters shimmer on the field. It was a good day to be a Needleworker in the shade! Many thanks to Alys (Susan Cole) for hosting Salon with such goodwill, in such challenging heat!

West AnTir war wasn’t fortunate enough to have a Salon of their own, but our next War Cloak Artisan accepted the challenge. Signy Jólinnardóttir will be stitching the next West An Tir War Cloak. Thank you Signy for taking on the creation of the Hero’s cloak. Some fortunate An Tirian fighter will treasure it forever!


Guild Minister – Heidi



*Webministers’s Note – It may have been Beltane that was cold and June that was hot – memories are fuzzy

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