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Guild Meeting – June, 2016

Guild Meeting – June, 2016 published on No Comments on Guild Meeting – June, 2016

What a lovely meeting we had at Crown! The pub was oversubscribed, so we moved to the quieter Westermark pavilion. There was discussion of the Rose Pouches, which are well in hand thanks to the foresight of our good Sabrina de la Bere (Robin Berry). We also welcomed a new member to the Needleworkers Guild and admired the beautiful and self-taught needlework on her Vikings. We also discussed the future direction of the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild.

**Increase Guild Renown with minimal increase in guildmember effort, or time taken in court.
**Increase awareness of the effort that goes into Guild largesse.
**Increase outreach to new needleworkers, including teaching new skills and stitches.
**Increase the pool of available needleworkers to make largess for the Kingdom.
**Increase the fun and give us new opportunities to gather together and play.

With these points in mind, we are going to try something fun. Event Needlework Stitching Salons!!

We can’t all have pavilions on the List field, but we all love to watch the pagentry while visiting with friends. Let’s band together to find a pavilion on the List Field during events, where we can gather our chairs, visit and work on our needleworking projects in complete view of the populace, complete with light munchies and water, if not stronger drink. Rather like a Publick House with better embroidery for people interested in needleworking. (Westermark Pavilion will likely be available, but it would be kind to spread the load so it’s not always resting on their efforts.)

**Ongoing guild projects (War cloak! Napkins! Rose Pouches! Cushions!) worked on under the admiration of the public (complete with small signs declaring what the project is and the number of hours worked so far),
**a decoratively painted sandwich-sign out front declaring Needleworking Questions are Welcome and Come Join Us! will attract new members,
**a chance to rest ourselves and chat with friends while needleworking, and still be able to see other on-going activities.

Doesn’t that sound like fabulous fun?!! No meetings, no schedules, just needleworking and chatting and leading others into better embroidery of all kinds. With deliciousness.

What do you have to do? Well, bring your embroidery. Bring the war cloak and napkins and rose pouches you’re working on. Bring your personal projects and a way to display them, hopefully with a small sign saying how many hours went into the work, what kind of needlework it is and your name. Bring extra ‘waste’ supplies so new people can try a stitch or two, or make largesse themselves. That’s it!

The next local Kingdom level camping event looks like Purgatorio. Let’s get started, there! (although if there are people willing, I’ll be at West AnTir and would love to host a gathering, there too! Speak up if you’re going to West AnTir and would love an afternoon to sit and stitch with me!)

– Heidi

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