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Guild Meeting, June 2013

Guild Meeting, June 2013 published on No Comments on Guild Meeting, June 2013

Guild Meeting at June Crown 2013

We had many new faces for the Guild at the meeting that is so exciting to see.

Finances: The Guild is in good finances. If you wish to know the amount, contact the Guild Minister.

Rose Pouch Update: The Rose Pouch stitched by Jocelyn of Rowenwood has been completed and will be delivered to Her Majesty Etain at Pergatorio. Arrangements are being made to have a representative for the Guild to make the presentation at the event. Two additional pouches stitched by Robin of Thornwood have been received. This brings a total of 3 extra pouches in Mistress Sabrina’s possession for emergency purposes. She has, however, volunteers for the making of Rose Pouches to 2015!

Crown/Mist Napkin Project: The project coordinator has changed hands as Sorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc (sadly) is moving out of the area. She has coordinated this project for many years with grace and will be sorely missed. Her successor is Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate Manor. She had volunteers for the rest of the year and is looking for volunteers for next year. Napkins are stitched for the Mists Royalty as well as the West Royals. Please contact her if you wish to stitch for this project.

War Cloak Update: Katherine de Langelei and Isela di Bari are working out the design details. The War Cloak to be delivered before July of 2014. Some elements of the design will be embroidered by others in the guild. If you’d like to be part of this project, please contact either of the above for more details.

Replacement Royal Throne Cushions: Materials are still being gathered.

Guild Pavilion: Guild Minister with the general approval of the guild will continue to research costs and styles for a pavilion for the guild. An Eric worth shade that is simple to put up for one/two people is being looked into. For many years, the guild has been off the Eric. With a Guild Pavilion open to all guild members to rest their feet as well as bring new folk into the guild and expand the interest in needlework in general is the generally thought to be a good one for the Guild.

Largess Project: The project will be coifs and fighting card pouches. The Guild Minister will provide the patterns for the coifs. Two styles: earlier period 2 piece and later period 3 piece. We will have a display at October Crown A & S of these pieces with the finished work to be presented next year at March Crown. If you’d like to stitch one of these items (or more if you wish), please contact me.

If you have some other item you want to stitch, you are not restricted to the above. I will accept all finished needleworked items for March Crown 2014.

West Kingdom Towne Faire: The guild voted to have a presence at this new event in April 2014 at Tres Pinos. We will have demonstrations. I’d like to have all periods of needlework shown. We will discuss more but put your thinking caps on as this event could also be a fundraiser as well.

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