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Guild Meeting, June 2012

Guild Meeting, June 2012 published on No Comments on Guild Meeting, June 2012

Guild Meeting at A & S June 16th, 2012

Come take classes offered by the WK Needleworkers Guild: Beginning Class of chain stitches, Sweetbags, Blackwork diaper patterns and the world of the Royal School of Needlework! At Ed Levin Park, Milpitas, CA.

The West Kingdom Needlework’s’s Guild has a full track of Must Take Classes at A&S!

Fun with Chain Stitch (an introduction to embroidery), by Joan the Harper; With a single stitch, you can conquer the world… of embroidery!

Embroidery in Other Parts of the World, By Mistress Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke; Come find out what it’s like to dive into the Royal School of Needlework experience from one who’s lived to tell the tale!

Sweet Surrender, By Jocelyn of Rowenwood; This class is geared toward getting students started on a sweet bag largess project sponsored by the Guild for display at 12th night 2013 and donation to the Queen’s Treasure Chest. Come to the class and get involved!

Blackwork Diaper Patterns, by Her Grace Mistress Catherine Lorraine of Stonegate manor; This class can be taken on its own or you can add to your skills for the making of the largess project sweet bags started in Lady Jocelyn’s Sweet Surrender class.

We will also be hosting a potluck and meeting during the lunch break that is open to all; come for the classes, stay for the lunch 🙂 All are welcome, so come join us!

The June Guild meeting will be held during the lunch break at A&S Tournement this Saturday in the Royal Pavilion.

The meeting will be held in conjunction with a Potluck lunch. Please bring something to share for about eight people. And please bring chairs!!!

Please Note: If you can not make the meeting, but still have something to say, send me an email by noon on Friday and I will bring it to the meeting to be read.

Agenda is as follows;

1) Sabrina – Rose pouch update

2) Sorcha – Royal napkin update and request for successor to take over
management of the project.

3) Jocelyn – West An Tir Cloak update: SHOW OFF TIME!!! (and looking for new volunteer. Project due 2014)

4) 2012 Largess project – Target display at 12th night. Has anyone been inspired yet? Or have anything to show? Is there anyone looking for a mentor or help on this project?

5) Future Largess Project Ideas – Let’s hear it folks!

6) At the last meeting we discussed doing something for the populous in general or as a whole. This could be Kingdom and/or Principality type regalia, or something else that is of service to the populous of our Kingdom. Thoughts? Ideas? Let’s talk!

7) New Broider Program – Isela will present our new program!

8) Service Award recommendations

9) Inter Kingdom Intensive Needlework Symposium (IKINS) – Recap

10) Guild Minister Annual Affirmation Vote – Yes, I know, we just did this last October, but traditionally this should be in June, so we’ll get back to doing this on time!

11) We have “off shore” people who want to get involved in the Guild – seeking thoughts and suggestions to help make our guild more accessable to the far away but close at heart 😀

The Guild Programs are suspended till June 2012
The guild patrons are currently revamping the program.

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