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Golden Beltane Napkin Project

Golden Beltane Napkin Project published on No Comments on Golden Beltane Napkin Project

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Golden Beltane Napkin Project

It’s time to start thinking about (and stitching on!) our napkins for Golden Beltane.

It’s time to start thinking about (and stitching on!) our napkins for Golden Beltane. If you want to embroider a napkin, I’ll have the blank napkins available to hand out at 12th Night. I also have a number of skeins of green and metallic gold thread available. (These are free to needleworkers–the Guild is paying for materials for this project.)

We will present these napkins to the incoming Royal Couple after they are crowned on the first Saturday of Golden Beltane. The Royals will then be able to give out these napkins as largesse at the event however they are inspired to do so.

A few notes:

The base design the Guild decided on for these napkins is the green demi-sun from the West Kingdom populace badge, embellished with metallic gold. You can choose your own size demi-sun, and your own gold embellishments.

I’ll put up a couple of printable motifs for anyone who wants them in the Files section of this Group after 12th Night.

DMC Diamant thread is NOT machine washable according to the DMC website. Please don’t use it on these napkins. Nor are Metallic Pearl Cotton or Light Effects.

DMC Metallic Embroidery Thread IS machine washable. So are Kreinik metallic Braids and Cable.

If you won’t be at 12th Night and want to stitch a napkin, PM me your mailing address and I’ll send you a napkin (and thread if you need it).


1. Machine wash and machine dry your napkin blank.
2. Download (or draw) the demi-sun of of the West Kingdom Populace Badge:
3. Resize the demi-sun to suit yourself–we’d like it to be at least 2 inches across. You can go bigger if you want to.
4. Embroider the demi-sun in DMC Embroidery floss #699. Your choice of stitch. Simple stitches are good–split stitch, chain stitch. and stem stitch do well when machine washed repeatedly.
5. Embellish with sparkly gold–either DMC Metallic thread in some shade of gold or Kreinik fine braid in some shade of gold. How is up to you, but again make sure that whatever stitch style you choose is sturdy enough to stand up to machine washing and drying.

Some simple design ideas:
* 3-4 inch circle in one corner with the green sun in the middle of the circle and the rest of the circle outlined in gold. Or the circle could be filled in with gold.

* Demi-sun at one corner with gold outlining the rays of the sun 1-3 rows of stitching deep to create a “glow”

* Demi-sun in one or more corners with rows of gold stitching all the way around the napkin.





– Elizabeth de Belcaire, Guild Minister

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