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Challenge Time! West Antir War Cloaks

Challenge Time! West Antir War Cloaks published on No Comments on Challenge Time! West Antir War Cloaks

Every other year, the WKNG creates a beautiful cloak for the W/AT War. The last two years were subsumed by the pandemic, but this year, IT’S WAR!!!The ever talented Signy Jólinnardóttir created the last and much beloved West Kingdom war cloak. Will you be the creatrix this year? Have your artwork cherished and flaunted by someone for the rest of their life.

All your creation expenses are covered by the WKNG, leaving you free to create without a concern for financial ability. The cloak is traditionally a rectangular or square wool cloth with Viking-oid embroidery in a subject of the embroiderers choosing.

The challenge? You only have four months (due by June) to create. Who will create the War Cloak?! Will it be you!?

Heidi von der Bergen, Guildmistress

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2018 West Antir War Cloak made by Signy Jólinnardóttir

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