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October Crown, 2018 Salon!

October Crown, 2018 Salon! published on No Comments on October Crown, 2018 Salon!

Hello fine West Kingdom Needleworkers!!!

October Crown is upon us and we are delighted to have a chance to gather once more at Salon, where we work on projects together for a couple hours while sharing news of goings-on.

This Crown, we’ll be meeting in the A&S pavilion at the corner of the List Field, (or hosted by household on the list field). Look for the Salon sign immediately after Invocation and then for the next two hours, and join us. Please remember your chair.

The Guild is looking for someone willing to organize the Royal Napkins project, to step up immediately. Responsibilities include sourcing the napkins, ensuring each reign is covered and delivering or helping the Needleworker deliver their work. Please let me know if this is you.

I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone again at October Crown!

Heidi – Guild Mistress

Hero’s Cloak for West AnTir War 2018

Hero’s Cloak for West AnTir War 2018 published on No Comments on Hero’s Cloak for West AnTir War 2018

Hello Fellow Needleworkers!

Every other year, one of our exceptional West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild members volunteers to make the Hero’s cloak for West AnTir War. (The second years are created by the An Tirian Needleworkers Guild for awarding to a Western fighter.) This cloak is treasured and worn by a fortunate An Tirian warrior who is fortunate not only in war, but also to receive such fine work in reward of their heroic efforts.

Let it come to your attention that the 2018 W/AT Hero’s War Cloak was finished with incredible skill by Mistress Signy Jólinnardóttir, OL!

Worked over a span of five months, the cloak is truly a work of art made with great heart and love for our society for no recompense other than the gratitude of her society and the furtherance of our Dream. May all play with as large a heart and with as much skill as Mistress Jólinnardóttir! She has made an Heroic Work!

All Hail the creative talent of Mistress Signy Jólinnardóttir and the West AnTir Hero’s Cloak for 2018! Her needle flies truer and more swiftly than many a sword!

(This message brought to you by the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild. We make life beautiful!)

June Crown, 2018

June Crown, 2018 published on No Comments on June Crown, 2018

Hello my Needle-wielding Compatriots!!

Your adoring Guildmistress here with information about Salon at June Crown. While our fine artists are fully capable of accomplishing the most remarkable embroidery while enduring impossible conditions, let’s not request it, shall we? Weather reports promise 105 degrees on Saturday. With this news, I have made the melancholy decision to gently retire our Needleworking Salon until the next event, when hopefully more clement weather will be found.

The brief business meeting portion of Salon will happen here shortly after the weekend so all might participate. If you have news for the business meeting, please update me in a pm and it will be included.

While I shall miss all your faces gathered around our linens, silks and wools, we shall have to content ourselves with fond remembrances for this once.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next Salon!!

Rose Pouches for our Queens Project

Rose Pouches for our Queens Project published on No Comments on Rose Pouches for our Queens Project

June C 2018 due – Heidi Woordhuis
Oct C 2018 due – Haley Rogers Zerr
March C 2019 due – Deirdre McGaffey Schwein
June C 2019 due – Kathryn Randall
Oct C 2019 due – Monie A. Bryan

“Extra” pouches – target date 12th Night 2019 – Judy Pearce, Liz de Belcaire, Shannon McSmith

This project is to provide a pouch for each Queen who reigns on her stepdown. The guidelines are in a .pdf here or in the file section of the Facebook page. They are treasured by those who receive them and well used. The Queen is told who the maker is when the pouch is delivered in private to the Queen.

If you are interested in participating in this project or have any questions, please let me know. Thank-you!

Sabrina de la Bere

Royals Napkin Coordinator

Royals Napkin Coordinator published on No Comments on Royals Napkin Coordinator

It is with great sorrow that we acknowledge the imminent departure of our hardworking Royals Napkin co-ordinator, Liz de Belcaire. She was untiring in her vigilance to keep the chins and chests of our West Kingdom Royalty, unbesmirched. We are sorry to see her go, but glad to see her off to conquer new challenges!!

It is with great joy and delight that we welcome Micheila MacCallum (Kim Gallagher) to manage the Royal Napkin project. She is tireless and motivated to bring a sense of graciousness and security (from spills) to our Royalty.

Huzzah for Liz!! Huzzah for Micheila!! Huzzah for the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild!!

March Crown is upon us!! 2018

March Crown is upon us!! 2018 published on No Comments on March Crown is upon us!! 2018

This weekend, the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild will host Salon at West Kingdom Crown! Salon begins after Invocation and continues until Semi-Finals. Bring your needlework and current work to show us all as we visit and work on our various projects. Needleworker Guild business updates will be shared shortly after Invocation, so be sure to make the first part of Salon, or miss out!

We’re delighted to announce that a class in Beginning Embroidery will be led by Katherine de Langelei at the Salon. This is a free class, open to everyone. If you have a project you’re stuck on, come to class! Would you like to make a Favor, but don’t know how to get started? Come to class! It’s free and we’re friendly (please bring a seat to sit upon.)

After Invocation, look for the Salon Sign on the List Field at our Patroness Catherine of Wessex’s Dragonwing and be welcomed!

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