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Autumn Crown, 2019

Autumn Crown, 2019 published on No Comments on Autumn Crown, 2019

Hello West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild!

Autumnal Crown approaches!!

We have delightful news! Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke (Denise Sullivan) will be hosting the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild Salon (and leading the Business Meeting in my stead) at 11:30am on Saturday of Crown, at her personal day-shade! Catch up on the latest news about Rose Pouches, the future of the Royal Napkin project and finances of the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild. All the newest information! Remember to bring your own chair, any libations or clean-finger nibbles you’d enjoy sharing and your latest project. If you have a lap frame, please bring it for her class on Opus Anglicanum!

Ascelin has a marvelous day of Salon planned, beginning at 11 am, with a trestle and slate frame available so passers-by can experience how embroidery was created centuries ago. Please invite your stitch-curious friends to stop by and visit! It’s an accessible and unique opportunity to experience the artistry that is embroidery.

Ascelin will be leading a class on stitches used in the Opus Anglicanum at her Salon (11am, on-going). While she has supplies for 10 people, there are only 6 lap-frames. Please plan to bring a lap frame if you have one! (and your readers for close-work!) Extra supplies, especially silks, are always welcomed.

Have a Joyous Crown and until we meet again, may your needles always fly true!

Embroidery by Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke (Denise Sullivan) using underside couching and silk shading.

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