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ANNOUNCEMENT: Rose Pouches to be Presented in Court

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rose Pouches to be Presented in Court published on

I am informing you of a change I’ve made after consulting with the Kingdom Seneschal, Royalty, Embroidery laurels, Ladies of the Rose (these are former queens to those who are new to our group), and active members of the guild who don’t hold peerages but who are engaged in supporting the guild and teaching.

Starting with Beltane last weekend and moving forward, the Rose Pouch will be presented during the Rose Ceremony. Just as it’s done in the Principality courts and similar to how the Rose Scroll is presented by the scribes, it will be shown to the populace with acknowledgment to the artisan and presented by myself or a Lady of the Rose to the new member of the Order.

  • Queens Rose Pouch stitch by Zenobia

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