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12th Night Artisans Display 2023

12th Night Artisans Display 2023 published on No Comments on 12th Night Artisans Display 2023

An opportunity to share and network!

2023 Twelfth Night Artisan Display

We welcome all non-laurels artisans who would like to present their artistry along with their documentation, (if you have it) to join us. We encourage all Laurels to visit the presenters’ displays and talk with the artisans about their work; and perhaps leave a token of appreciation. We hope that the populace will also attend, to see the work of this Kingdom’s up and coming artisans.

Artisans will be expected to sit with their displays. This is a perfect time to have your art seen by so many more than you would any other time. The prime opportunity to learn and grow your art. From here you have all year to pick, choose, create or borrow back the best of your best and really plan to make your display shine!!

Artisans – please let know of your planned attendance by sending your SCA name, Mundane name and general field of display, by December 1, 2022, to Micheila MacCallum (Kim Gallagher via Facebook) or email.

Depending on the number of attendees we expect to have ½ table per participant. If you need more, please let me know and as space allows I will do my best to make it happen. More details in the upcoming months.

Questions should be addressed to: Mistress Micheila MacCallum

** A notebook to take notes with, water, snacks, and headache meds. This is a wonderful time to grow your art. The Laurels coming through as well as others are going to have information for you. They will help you make connections. You don’t want to miss anything.

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