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Petra_2024_Rose bag outer front 3

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A yellow bag with a long strap laying on a green measuring board. The bag has a red rose on a white patch with a green border embroidered into the center.

Rose Pouch for Her Grace Jitka embroidered by Petra

I am new to the SCA and when the call came out for rose bags I thought it would be a great focus to expand my skills. I found a beautiful rose pattern by Mary Corbet – Needle’n’Thread. I didn’t use the precise materials, but was able to practice the techniques and stitches with the materials I had. This is my 4th embroidery project.

Bag design based on a pilgrims bag

Rose embroidery pattern by Mary Corbet – Needle’n’Thread

Cotton embroidery floss
Metalized polyester thread
Base embroidery cloth: cotton
Felt used to pad between embroidered rose and bag

Outer and strap: yellow linen (with machine leaf embroidery)
Inner: white canvas
Inner pocket: gold printed on white cotton
Tassels: cotton

Embroidery stitches:
Blanket stitch (frame)
Stem stitch (outlining the rose)
Fish stitch (leaves)
Satin stitch (outer petal)
Short/longs (inner rose petals)
Couching (gold work)
Backstitch (attaching strap to bag)
Whip stitch (joining inner to outer bag)

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